Naturally Sera

Serafood is one of Turkey’s leading food manufacturers with a bright history; and its brand building journey which started in 1985 in Germany continues non-stop as it has been named as a Turkish brand accepted for Turquality program. With its two plants located in Aydın and Manisa, and a Logistics Base located in Germany, Serafood exports high quality and healthy Mediterranean tastes to 45 countries in the world.

What Sera Offers

Each of our healthy products is hand crafted by chefs with a lifelong passion for food. We only use the best and natural ingredients available.


Natural Sera legumes, the constant of rich menus


Sera pickles, by far the the most irreplacable item on the table


Ready Meals prepared with natural products and appeal to any palate


Naturally grown, carefully selected dried vegetables that are irreplaceable


Sera spices that makes your meals tastier, leaving superb taste on plates


Traditional stuffed grape leaves with the most natural taste on the table


Natural Sera Olives, the black pearls of tables and key product of Aegean Region


Sera jams, the sweetest constant member of breakfast tables


Sera pastes and solid sauces that add flavour to meal and life


Sera halva, a traditional taste that sweetens our palate for years


Sera canned foods always maintaining the first day nutritive value


Sera Tahini/Molasses that cheer both the palate and the brain with its energy


Sera sauces prepared using natural materials, making your meals tastier


Sera snacks, always as fresh as first day, accompanying you in your happy moments


Natural and practical Sera roasted products that turn your meals into unending joy

We look for natural and the healthiest products to eat. For considering a product as natural, it should be grown under specific suitable and natural conditions. Natural fruits and vegetables become distinct with their smell, taste and quality. Since 1985, Sera has always aimed to provide you with natural products by preserving their natural characteristics, and as a result of this, has become a demanded brand popular among consumers.

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