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Classic Yemeni Ramadan Soup

Yields1 Serving


 1 tbsp Ziyad Brand Ghee
 1 Large yellow onion
 ½ cup Uncooked Ziyad Brand Freekeh
 ½ cup Ziyad Brand Shelled Wheat Grains
 ½ cup Old fashioned rolled oats
 6 cups Whole milk
 ½ cup Cream or half and half
 Salt and Pepper to taste
 Pinch of nutmeg

Boil the wheat and freekeh separately in water until they are tender.



Dice your onion. Saute in ghee until caramelized and golden. Season with salt. Set aside.


In your soup pot, combine 1 cup of cooked freekeh, 1 cup of cooked wheat, and 6 cups of whole milk. Mix with a rubber spatula while heating over low heat.


Once the milk is steaming but not yet simmering, add your cream and old fashioned rolled oats.


Continue to cook until the soup is simmering on the edges only.


Add all your caramelized onions to the soup.


Season with salt and pepper to taste as well as a tiny pinch of nutmeg.

Serve immediately.



If you don't have shelled wheat or freekeh, you can swap either of them for barley or cracked wheat. You may also stick with just one if you don't have two varieties.

When reheating the soup, you will need to add additional liquid depending on how much your grain soaked up. Just add some milk or water when reheating. Make sure you are using a rubber spatula to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom of your pot.
You can replace the heavy cream with half and half and the whole milk with 2% milk. I have not tried this recipe with non-dairy options.

Recipe by: Sifra Foods