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Tahini and Grape Molasses Toast with Roasted Grapes

Yields1 Serving


 3 tbsp  Award Winning Ziyad Brand Tahini
 3 tbsp grape molasses
 1 bunch of grapes
 1 tbsp olive oil
 1 tsp sesame seeds

To roast the grapes, drizzle olive oil onto the grape bunch with the vine intact. Place into oven on a pan and roast until the skin slightly blisters and the grapes soften.


Mix the tahini and grape molasses together in a small bowl. *ratio the tahini and grape molasses mix to taste. For a sweeter taste, add more molasses and vice versa.


Toast bread and spread the mixture onto the bread freely.


Add grapes and sprinkle on the sesame seeds to taste. Enjoy!

Recipe and Photos by Almond and Fig