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National Distribution & Warehouses

Our distribution centers are strategically positioned throughout the country.

Ziyad Brothers Importing is the leading distributor of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food products in the United States. For the last 50 years, Ziyad has been importing products from over 15 countries to bring the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean to consumers in the United States.

Three distribution centers meet the needs of the retailers in the continental US.  The three locations are as follows: Cicero, IL, Kerney, NJ, Ontario, CA. These three distribution centers carry hundreds of items and are able to efficiently and quickly deliver to stores to meet the needs of consumers and retailers.

Always Within Reach

Ziyad Brothers Sales Team is there to meet the needs of retailers throughout the US. The sales team has the expertise in Middle Eastern foods to help retailers determine the best assortment for their stores as well as merchandise the store to generate the most sales possible with the best mix of items and ways to display them.  Ziyad has over 25 sales people located in over 10 states as well as a Tele-Marketing team to call on stores that may not be reachable by one of our sales people in person.

The sales team is supported with a marketing department that can make in-store signage, demo’s, point of sale materials and other marketing elements to increase sales and awareness of the products we have.

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