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Ma’moul Cookies

Yields1 Serving


 3 cups Ziyad Brand Farina
 2 cups Ziyad Brand Semolina
 1 cup All purpose flour
 2 ⅓ cups Ziyad Brand GheeMelted
 1 tsp Instant dry yeast
 2 tsp Ziyad Brand Mahlab
 A few pieces of mistka5-6
 2 tbsp Sugar
 ½ cup Warm milk
 Ziyad Brand Rose Water
For the Filling:
Date Filling
 3 Packages of Ziyad Brand Date Paste
 1 ½ tbsp Ziyad Brand Ground Cinnamon
 1 tsp Nutmeg
 2 tbsp Sultan Brand Olive Oil
Walnut or Pecan Filling
 1 cup Ziyad Brand WalnutsCrushed
 1 tbsp Sugar
 1 tsp Ziyad Brand Cinnamon
 A few drops of Ziyad Brand Rose Water

In a large bowl combine farina, semolina, and flour. In a spice blender blend 2 tbsp sugar, mahlab, and mistka pieces. Add to the semolina, farina and flour mixture. Melt the butter or ghee in a pan over low heat.


Add the warm butter to the dry mixture and mix with your hands until all the butter is absorbed! Cover and let it rest for 24-48 hours. After 24-48 hours add 1 tsp yeast and 1 tsp sugar to a 1/2 cup warm milk. Leave for 5 min. for the yeast to activate. Add to the ma’moul mixture and combine until all absorbed!


Now add 1-2 tbsp of rose water and knead with your hands! Keep adding 1 tbsp at a time until you get a well combined and easy to shape dough. Cover and let rest for 15-20 min. Meanwhile prepare the fillings. For the dates filling mix all the ingredients together until well combined. Make small balls and set aside.


For the walnut filling combine the crushed walnuts, sugar, cinnamon, and rose water together. Set aside. Now ready to start!! Take a piece of the dough. Make sure you keep the dough in the bowl covered while working so that it doesn’t get dry! Make a ball with the dough. Flatten on your palm to make a circle. Place a ball of dates paste filling in the middle. Close the dough to form a ball and press to flatten a bit! Use a wooden spoon to make a hole in the middle. Use the mamoul tongs to decorate the ma’moul. Place on a pan lined with parchment paper.


To prepare the walnut ma’moul shape the dough into a ball. Then using your finger make a whole and add the walnut mixture then close. Shape with the tongs. You can also use the special ma’moul molds for easier and faster shaping! If the dough becomes a bit dry add few drops of rose water or water, mix and keep working!



Bake at 400 F until the bottom turns golden brown then broil from top. Let cool on a cookie rack.

Recipe by: Abeer Thalji @freshlycookedwithlove